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West Linn - Wilsonville Education Foundation
The district recently welcomed all of its new teachers to the district and we were proud to be there.  This year the foundation was able to give $130,000 to the West Linn-Wilsonville School District - all of which went directly to hiring more teachers for our classrooms.  Your generous donations helped make that possible and we thank you.

Why do we need an education foundation?

  • When school funding was centralized in Salem in 1990, all Oregon school districts, including West Linn-Wilsonville, lost their ability to set their own budgets and became limited to the funds that the state allocates to them each year on a per student basis.
  • These state funds have been declining in the past 10 years.


Don’t we already pay taxes for our schools?

  • To supplement the state’s allocation, the voters of West Linn and Wilsonville have consistently passed local tax options to support their schools. Unfortunately, due to the declines in the recent real estate market, the revenues generated from these local tax options have decreased dramatically.
  • Decreased funding means that there are fewer teachers in our schools. The result is overcrowded classes for our children.

Chart 2

Why donate to the Education Foundation?  Will my donation make a difference?

  • The Education Foundation is the only organization able to designate money specifically for classroom teaching positions.
  • All donations made to the Education Foundation are used to fund teaching positions to keep class sizes at effective teaching levels in every classroom within the district’s 15 schools.


Donating to the Education Foundation helps ensure that our children’s education here in West Linn and Wilsonville is not compromised by any political climate or downturn in the real estate market.


So please....